Pokimane shows off adorable new kitten and Twitch chat is in love

David Purcell
pokimane and her cat with twitch logo

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys ended one of the best-kept secrets on April 8, after introducing her new pet kitten to Twitch viewers. 

The white and brown-furred baby was unveiled in teasing circumstances, with the streaming star labeling the stream: “I’ve been keeping a secret from you all… It’s time to talk about it.”

As the big red LIVE button came on, it became clear pretty quickly that this wasn’t anything for fans to worry about – despite the serious title.

Instead, she was finally ready to introduce a new member of the family!

Pokimane unveils new kitten on Twitch

pokimane and mimi the cat
Pokimane’s older cat, Mimi, is a constant feature of her Twitch streams.

After a few moments of laughter, which followed a few jokes about a potential pregnancy, Pokimane revealed a new baby out of nowhere.

The creator reached down to pick up a cat, with people expecting to see her older cat Mimi, but she actually raised a little fella towards the camera…”Oh sh*t, I went and got the wrong cat!”

As it jumped off, the streamer said: “Oh my gosh, he’s so cute… I love him to death.”

Some people in the chat started to post reactions, from saying how cute he is, to some others stating they had an idea what was going on.

“I know a lot of chat already knew, because I have been kind of hinting at it for a long time,” Poki replied. “I’ve been wanting another cat for so long.”

The cat remains nameless for now, and Mimi isn’t fully used to him just yet.

Just in case viewers wanted to take a closer look at the kitten, Pokimane set up a cat cam for the broadcast as well.

If that’s not the most adorable entrance for a pet on stream, we don’t know what is!

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