xQc and Pokimane are starting a podcast, and Twitch fans are excited

Twitch stars xQc and PokimaneTwitch: xQcOW / Pokimane

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys have struck gold multiple times with their collaborative efforts. Now, they’re keeping the synergy going with a podcast, teasing the project to fans on Discord.

With over 25 million followers between xQc and Pokimane on Twitch and YouTube combined, the two streamers are giants in their field.

Collaboration between the two is nothing new, with frequent comments already existing about their shared joy of working with each other.

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Now, according to comments made by xQc in his Discord, the two have been working together on a podcast set for a “fun trial” in the coming days.

“I had two podcasts in mind,” he explained. “The studio for the first one has been getting worked on for months now, [and] if we like [the] format, we’ll use the studio for the [Pokimane-xQc] one.”

With xQc making it clear that streaming is not his sole intention for content creation over the past year, the news he is branching out into independent media is no surprise.

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Announcing in such a low-key format has caught some fans off-guard, but has caused a wave of excitement to ripple through his fanbase.

“Yo, they collab so well. This could be really good,” one user said.

However, like all things xQc, there was some detractors, with some cautious about the direction the podcast could take.

pokimane-vote-xqc-streamer-of-the-yearTwitch: Pokimane / xQc
Pokimane and xQc have collaborated plenty of times on Twitch.

Even with information light on the ground, it is clear from the response on Twitter, and within xQc’s Discord, that fans are excited. Pokimane is yet to make a public comment verifying or denying it’s existence.

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What the nature of the podcast will be, or just when the release date is to be announced we are still unsure of, but will keep you updated as details arise.

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