Pokimane roasts Mizkif for ‘seeking validation’ amid RFLCT drama farming claims

With streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter maintaining a low profile after the launch of RFLCT, other streamers have been weighing in on the controversy – with Pokimane taking some shots at Mizkif for “farming” drama.

Following the launch of her blue-light protecting product, RFLCT, 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has been met with a large amount of backlash from the internet.

Naturally, a wealth of fellow streamers have had their say on the controversial launch, either taking shots at the streamer herself or just poking fun at the products and their claims.

Rae addressed some of the claims alongside Twitch star Mizkif, however, Pokimane thinks Mizkif’s intentions are purely for his own gain.

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Valkyrae has been fending off criticism after the launch of RFLCT.

Pokimane responds to Mizkif & Valkyrae’s stream

When drama as compelling as the RFLCT situation comes along, naturally, everyone in the streaming game is after a slice of the attention that comes with it, with some dragging it out while others let it run its course.

With Mizkif touching on it again, Valkyrae’s close friend Pokimane confronted Mizkif about the drama. “I feel like you’re looking for some sort of affirmation (validation) in regards to what you did last night,” she said.

However, despite her initial disagreement on Mizkif’s actions, she understands why he chose to get involved: “I agree that if you weren’t the one reacting to her stream, it would have been xQc or Hasan or likely all three of you at the same time fighting for a clip. LSF real estate, right?” She added that it was his “decision to make”  when it comes to “personal sentiments towards her.”

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(Timestamp 9:07)

Nonetheless, Pokimane was pleased that Mizkif wasn’t as “mean” as other streamers commenting on the situation, but that she “wouldn’t do something like that out of respect” for her and Miz’s relationship.

It remains to be seen if there will be any further fallout from the RFLCT drama.