Sykkuno hilariously flip flops after calling game “bugged” during sponsored stream

Lauren Bergin
Sykkuno on a background of cyclists and snowboarders
Twitch: Sykkuno, Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s Riders Republic is set to make cycling cool again, but during a sponsored stream Twitch star Sykkuno had to hilariously backtrack after calling it “bugged.”

Allowing players to partake in mountain biking, snowboarding, wing suit, and ski races, Ubisoft’s self-professed “massively multiplayer sports game,” Riders Republic, is hoping to shake up the genre.

The game has already got some airtime from popular Twitch streamers and across social media – including from Sykkuno, who played the game as a part of a sponsored broadcast.

However, he had a monetary slip and forgot that he was actually advertising the game, leading to a hilarious highlight.

three mountain bikers look down over a canyon
Riders Republic hopes to reinvent the sports genre, but Sykkuno isn’t quite convinced…

Sykkuno backtracks on Riders Republic stream

During his October 25 sponsored stream, Twitch’s sweetheart pushed the game to its limits. While playing through one of the mountain biking levels, he happened to pull off a pretty sweet corkscrew – well, kind of.

While the trick itself seemed pretty neat, he actually hit the level’s boundary, and seemingly expected to flip over and crash. However, the game automatically proped him up again and gave him a “perfect landing.”

“This is bad, this is… actually, perfect landing!” Sykkuno exclaimed, before adding, “no chance that was perfect, this game’s bugged.”

Promptly remembering that he was hosting a sponsored stream, Syknno hilariously flip-flopped on his ‘bugged’ claim. “I mean, uh, I’m sponsored,” he panicked, “the game knows exactly what I’m doing because that was definitely a clean landing.” Though, he gave it hilariously awkward “thanks for the sponsor” a few moments later.

As the chat erupted with “LMAOs” and “KEKWs,” it’s pretty clear that his viewers found this silly back and forth pretty funny. Though, who knows if his sponsor felt the same way.

While Sykkuno does seem to enjoy his virtual trip through America’s national parks, this cheeky little slip-up certainly was the highlight of his stream.