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Pokimane responds to backlash after another video resurfaces containing racial slur

Published: 5/Mar/2019 19:27 Updated: 5/Mar/2019 22:17

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys responded to a horde of criticism after a video of her repeatedly using a racial slur surfaced on March 4.

The clip of her using the slur appeared after Pokimane cleared up a separate occasion of her seemingly using the same word on stream. While the clip in question is old, it’s much less ambiguous than the previous time the controversial streamer was accused of using the slur.

In her response to the video containing NSFW language, Pokimane said it was difficult to contextualize why she used the word but attributed the incident as a result of her age at the time and the environment that gave the slur a different meaning.

The streamer was direct in distinguishing her character today as opposed to when the video took place, saying she would never use the slur where she is now.

“Hard for me to speak on this clip’s context because it’s so old (I’m almost 23 and was underage in that clip),” Pokimane said. “But it was definitely not said in a racist or derogatory manner. it was a time period/environment where saying it was more common and used as a replacement for ‘dude.’ It’s been many years and I don’t ever say it now because I realize it’s distasteful and looks bad, and i’ve never said it in a racist way / hard r either (just in a cringey way unfortunately)”

Pokimane has been steadily growing her platform for years, but sporadic controversies are bringing negative attention to the streamer.

Similarly the streamer addressed the previous incident, brought up by Keemstar of her allegedly using a racial slur saying: “I said ‘this anivia’ (sounded like ‘this nivia’), aka a champion in league of legends. smh when u found out keem is a fake gamer.”

People were overwhelmingly siding with the streamer in both instances. In the old clip, people recognized the word’s use and noted how it wasn’t said in an offensive manner while suggesting to just move on from the incident.

Although the streamer unquestionably owned her actions from years ago, some were hesitant to vindicate Pokimane since her response seemed to lack an apology.

Pokimane has been at the center of many controversies lately, and will look to press on with the support of her fans and fellow creators.


Joe Rogan stunned by Matthew McConaughey’s insane weight loss story

Published: 23/Oct/2020 15:36

by Georgina Smith


Joe Rogan was left shocked after hearing the crazy lengths that hugely popular American actor Matthew McConaughey’s went to to lose 50 pounds for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

Joe Rogan has seen his fair share of top billed guests make his way into his podcast studios, both new and old. Some of his most well known guests include Elon Musk, Post Malone, and other famous faces across YouTube, business, Hollywood, and just about every conceivable entertainment sector.

He even recently set up a long anticipated episode with Kanye West, but their meeting was promptly cancelled along with several other episodes after one of the staff members revealed he needed to self-isolate.

However, fans of the podcast were treated to a huge celebrity from an entirely different industry in a prerecorded episode – actor Matthew McConaughey.

Poster image for the film Dallas Buyers Club
Truth Entertainment / Voltage Pictures
The 2013 was an enormous success, largely thanks to Matthew McConaughey’s highly regarded performance.

Matthew McConaughey on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Matthew has starred in films such as the Wolf of Wall Street, Contact, and of course 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club. He enacted AIDS patient Ron Woodroof’s heartbreaking story, and underwent an enormous physical transformation for the role.

As he shares with Joe Rogan, the actor lost over 50 pounds in the process of preparing for the challenging acting experience, dedicating himself to accurately portraying the story as true to life as possible.

“I weighed 135. And you know this, I was not torturing myself,” Matthew explained. “I was militant. The hardest part was making the damn choice. It was my responsibility.”

Topic begins at 1:19

With regard to the process of losing the weight, the actor said that he gave himself five months of a diet consisting of “tapioca pudding or whatever, three egg whites in the morning. Five ounces of fish couple vegetables for lunch, five ounces of fish couple vegetables for dinner.”

He said this is the diet that caused him to lose an insane 2.5 pounds a week, without any exercise. However, Joe was shocked to hear that Matthew was able to drink “as much wine as he wanted to drink,” joking “what kind of diet is this?”

“What I learned from it is that the body is more resilient than we give it credit for. The power I lost from the neck down equally or more sublimated to the neck up. My mental gain was so acute and so on point, that I was clinically smart.”

The incredible story was an insight into just how dedicated the beloved actor is to his roles, and certainly stunned Joe and the podcast viewers.