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Pokimane paid a 13-year-old to coach her in Fortnite – with surprising results

Published: 21/Jan/2019 0:11

by Virginia Glaze


Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys revealed a surprising plan to amp up her Fortnite skills – which included hiring a 13-year-old player to coach her through freelance service ‘Fiverr.’

Pokimane came clean about her scheme in a YouTube video uploaded on January 20, where she claimed that she’d hired the young player, going by the name ‘Hack4Top,’ after reading his rave reviews on the site.


“First of all, I’m rusty AF on Fortnite,” she explained. “Second of all, these kids have been playing so damn much, okay? They’re too good.”


The two had a hilarious coaching session, with the Australian youngster appearing not to believe that she was the real Pokimane until being linked to her YouTube channel (after which he was blown away by her three million subscribers).

The two then went into the game’s creative mode for a quick training session, where she worked on her accuracy and building skills set to Hack4Top’s humorous mock commentary. Pokimane ended up tipping the player $200 out of donations to her stream, going on to claim that their session “actually went surprisingly well.”


Pokimane’s heart-warming experiment follows a slew of allegations against the streamer for claiming YouTube videos on grounds of copyright infringement, which began after she struck the video of a smaller channel for documenting a Twitter beef between herself and Drama Alert host ‘KEEMSTAR.’


Pokimane has since spoken out on the issue, arguing that the video wasn’t “transformative content;” however, she admitted that trying to suppress the beef only led to further drama, which caused her to defend herself during an interview with another YouTuber on the subject.