Pokimane laughs off PewDiePie’s hilarious roast of her Twitch streaming setup

Pokimane PewDiePieTwitch: Pokimane / YouTube: PewDiePie

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys hilariously reacted to Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s comments about her streaming set-up, defending her monitor distance and size but admitting the cable management is bad.

PewDiePie likes to comment on other content creator’s homes and set-ups from time to time.

It always makes for an entertaining watch, like when he roasted Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez’s “hideous” $2m luxury apartment.

In a video posted on August 20, he gave Pokimane the honor of rating her streaming set up. But while he praised some aspects, he was critical of many others, including her monitor distance, monitor size, and cable management.

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Poki caught wind of the video shortly after and reacted to it live on stream.

PewDiePie roasts Pokimane streamYouTube/PewDiePie/Pokimane
PewDiePie was not a fan of Pokimane’s monitors.

At first, Poki wondered whether there actually was something weird about how far she sat from her monitor. “Are my monitors far away? How close are they supposed to be?” she said.

“It’s me, my mousepad, and then my monitor.

But then she defended it, saying: “If I am fully tucked in, they’re an arms-length away. I think that’s how far they should be.”

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Next, she reacted to his joke about her having the “tiniest little baby display” before urging her to get an ultrawide monitor. “Oh my god! You can’t play Valorant on that! I can’t even imagine a monitor that wide,” she laughed.

And finally, when he roasted her poor cable management, she took it on the chin.

“I know! You’re not even wrong. I have nothing to say. It’s my fault, and I did a bad thing, and I’m sorry,” she said, admitting her guilt.

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PewDiePie’s criticism was tongue-in-cheek and, for the most part, all in good fun. But it might be the hilarious wake-up call Poki needed to get her cables in order.

He even recommended an ergonomic footrest to replace the makeshift one she’s currently using. So, in the end, his comments were helpful, and she appreciated them.

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