PewDiePie mocks Neekolul’s “hideous” $2 million home

pewdiepie neekolul reacts apartmentInstagram: pewdiepie/neekolul

In a YouTube video titled “Reviewing YouTuber House Tours,” PewDiePie took a look at Twitch star Neekolul’s $2 million house. The luxury apartment generated controversy on June 7, as a photo surfaced of the streamer wearing a “tax the rich” sweater. PewDiePie deemed the pad to be “hideous,” exclaiming “it all looks so tiny!”

The Neeko drama began on March 2, after posting a TikTok wearing a “tax the rich” sweater from congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’ official store. Echoing the original video which plunged her into fame, the content creator was seen miming the words to “Oki Doki Boomer.”

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Fans were quick to call out alleged hypocrisy within the comments. “Nice $60 shirt,” one user pointed out. “Quick reminder that she doesn’t believe in tipping waitresses,” another complained.

On June 1, Neeko posted a house tour on her YouTube channel. While the comments were swiftly disabled, viewers still managed to have their say on Twitter. “You can’t say eat the rich and then buy a $2 million apartment,” one Tweeted. “I’m a socialist (earns millions of dollars a year)” said another.

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Neekolul in $2million houseYouTube: neekolul
Neeko’s house tour sparked outrage from fans after she frequently posted “socialist” content

PewDiePie reacted to the “tiny” apartment

After previously ranking the houses of Bretman Rock, David Dobrik and Emma Chamberlain, PewDiePie came back for a second installment of “YouTubers’ houses.” This time, Neeko’s was first on the chopping block. After noticing the disabled likes, dislikes and comments; the YouTuber said, “I appreciate her leaving (the video) up for us to scrutinize.”

Within the first three minutes of the video, it was clear that PewDiePie felt a certain way about the apartment. While stifling laughter, he claimed “it ain’t looking so fully furnished!” He began pointing out elements of the interior design, questioning “why are the chairs at different heights?”

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After making fake-gagging noises, he said “you paid $2 million for this?! You’ve got a laundry basket in your f**king hallway!” He also commented on the video itself, branding the editing as “so bad.”

Pewdiepie reacts to neekolul houseYouTube: pewdiepie
Pewdiepie said everything about the apartment was “bad”

Fans supported PewDiePie’s judgement

Subscribers to the star mostly agreed with his statements on the city apartment. “Few things are as frustrating as money poorly spent, especially on a home,” fellow YouTuber JoelCreates said. “Her sense of interior design sucks,” another viewer stated.

Others seemed concerned about her financial choices. “My aunt has an apartment bigger than that and it cost $250k,” one user said. “That s**t can’t be two-million.” Another commenter speculated, “Neeko got scammed.”

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If Neeko’s house is your thing, you can check out her Twitch and YouTube channels!

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