Pokimane explains why Twitch should stop crypto gambling streams

Jacob Hale
Pokimane in Twitch stream with Twitch logo and Bitcoin logo

Pokimane has stated that she believes Twitch should stop allowing streamers to gamble on crypto sites for content, even suggesting that those who do it agree with her.

Gambling streams have become insanely popular on Twitch, and caused a huge stir among streamers and viewers alike.

While many believe gambling streams shouldn’t be allowed at all, a number have come round to the idea, with names like Trainwreck and xQc posting huge numbers (both winning and losing) during their gambling streams.

They’ve frequently come under fire, though, and Trainwreck even plays a warning every time he wins, telling viewers that he is down millions and that they should not gamble.

Streamers like Trainwreck have made huge names for themselves in gambling streams.

While sentiment towards gambling streams has lightened somewhat, there is opposition from a number of Twitch stars who think it’s hurting the platform.

One of those is Pokimane, who has called for tighter regulation of gambling streams on crypto websites.

“Twitch shouldn’t allow gambling streams on crypto websites at all, and I think even those who do it would agree,” she said. “There are plenty of ways to do similar content (poker tourneys, slots/rng in games) that aren’t as legally ambiguous and morally corrupt.”

The replies seem largely in agreement with Poki, suggesting that “crossing the crypto line is way worse [than regular gambling], especially when your audience is not (well) educated on it.”

Some streamers are making millions through their gambling streams too, with companies striking 7-figure deals with the likes of Trainwreck and Adin Ross to gamble on their sites.

Whether Twitch reconsiders its approach to gambling content or change its terms of service remains to be seen, but for now, the content is seemingly fair game.

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