Asmongold calls for streamers to boycott Twitch amid new changes

asmongold-calls-twitch-boycott-streamer-outrageYouTube: Asmongold TV

Prominent streamer Asmongold is calling for other creators to boycott Twitch after the platform announced major changes coming to branded broadcasts.

On June 6, Twitch revealed its new guidelines for branded streams, scheduled to kick in on July 1. Included in these changes are restrictions on what kinds of “burned-in” advertisements are allowed, meaning these ads can’t be a direct part of the actual stream.

Twitch also rolled out restrictions for what kinds of branded content is allowed on its platform. The site does not allow the promotion of illegal substances, scams, or “hateful products or services.”

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Bu, more shockingly, Twitch is also banning branded streams for “political content, adult-oriented products or services, weapons, tobacco products, certain financial products and services,” and even “medical facilities and products.”

These new guidelines have sparked quite a storm of backlash on social media, where several mainstream broadcasters have spoken out against the platform and are even encouraging a boycott.

Asmongold encourages Twitch boycott amid branded stream restrictions

Asmongold is one of these streamers. The popular MMO broadcaster, who recently stepped back from streaming on his main channel due to anxiety, is urging other creators who stream on Twitch to boycott the site as a result of these restrictions — or even leave the platform altogether.

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“I don’t say it lightly, but I think this is a legitimate situation where streamers should consider boycotting Twitch or moving to other platforms,” he wrote in a tweet. “Making common and harmless forms of advertisement literally against ToS so Twitch can monopolize more of streamers income.”

Asmongold says he’ll leave Twitch if branded content guidelines go through

That’s not all; Asmon also addressed the issue during a live stream that same day, arguing that Twitch was using these new guidelines to “monetize, monopolize, and take advantage of smaller streamers,” as well as bigger broadcasters.

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He also claimed that he will switch platforms if these changes actually happen, although he will still stream on Twitch every so often.

“This is f*cking everybody over in a way that does not need to happen,” he said.” Yes, I will move to another platform non-exclusively. I will still stream on Twitch occasionally. If this goes through, I will start actively pursuing a deal.”

Twitch streamers outraged by branded content guidelines

Asmon isn’t the only streamer feeling this way. A slew of other popular broadcasters have spoken out against Twitch’s latest decisions, one of them being Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who notably moved to YouTube Gaming in 2019 as one of the first major creators to jump ship from the purple streaming site.

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“Joining YouTube Gaming in 2019 was the greatest decision of my entire career,” he said in a tweet addressing Twitch’s new guidelines. “Reminder: YouTube has gifted members, YouTube has a 70/30 split for creators, [and] YouTube has VASTLY more discoverability with Shorts.”

Other streamers also offered criticism over Twitch’s impact on grassroots esports tournaments, with JERICHO writing: “Putting aside the fact that almost every sponsor I’ve ever done has necessitated these things, how the f*ck does ESL or any grass roots organization ever run a profitable tournament ever again?”

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Dexerto has reached out to Twitch for comment on its new branded guidelines.

It’s clear that streamers aren’t happy with Twitch’s latest move as the platform continues to come under fire — a development that follows a trend of many big-time broadcasters making the move from Twitch to other sites like Kick and Rumble.

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