MoistCr1tiKaL slams “out of touch” Twitch after controversial policy changes

moistcr1tikal in stream room with Twitch logo in top right cornerTwitch/YouTube: MoistCr1tiKaL

Charlie ‘MoistCr1tiKaL’ White has slammed Twitch over their recent guidelines and policy changes regarding ads for streamers, calling them “out of touch” and “geriatric.”

On Tuesday, June 6, it came out that Twitch was planning some huge changes to their policies around ads and branded content, causing a huge furor among streamers and viewers alike.

Among other changes, they announced limitations to ad sizes on-screen and inserted ‘burned-in’ ads from streamers, causing some concern for broadcasters as brand deals will no longer operate how they did before, especially for the likes of charitable streams.

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While Twitch later posted a statement claiming that their changes were “overly broad” and apologized for the confusion, many refused to accept their apology and called them out — including Charlie.

MoistCr1tiKaL calls out “geriatric” Twitch

In a tweet posted when the news first broke, Moist said that it’s “impressive how Twitch manages to make the most dog**it changes imaginable.”

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Then, in a tweet following Twitch’s statement, he said: “Just admit you’re completely lost as a platform. This is backpedaling to try and salvage a catastrophic, out-of-touch, geriatric policy decision.”

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Charlie wasn’t the only one to call Twitch out either, as multiple streamers of all different sizes took to social media to slam the changes and suggest that they’re contemplating moving to different platforms, such as YouTube or Kick.

Long-time Twitch stalwart Asmongold advised new streamers that they should instead “pick Kick” rather than the Amazon-owned platform.

Meanwhile, Kick even offered to cover the costs for Twitch streamers who jump platform and have to pay to break their contract.

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