Pokimane hits back at Amber Heard comparison after showing off new hair color

Pokimane claps back at aquaman joke over new hair colorTwitch: pokimane / Warner Bros. Pictures DC

Pokimane showed off her fiery new hair color to her Twitch chat… though some fans couldn’t help but jokingly compare the streamer to a certain Aquaman star.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most followed woman on Twitch, and as such, any major style change she makes causes quite a stir among her nine million devoted followers.

Last year, Anys wore her hair naturally on stream for the first time, revealing that she’s a curly-haired queen and proudly rocking the ‘new to Twitch’ style.

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While the change did spark some backlash among certain viewers, the internet, overall, was receptive to her curly hair (not to mention the excitement that happened when she got a temporary tattoo).

Now, Anys has changed up her look again — this time, by dyeing her hair a different color.

Fan asks Pokimane to prom with powerpoint presentationTwitch: pokimane
Pokimane’s hair is naturally curly – and fans love it.

On May 8, Pokimane booted up her Twitch stream to show off her red-orange hair.

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s definitely noticeable, and it’s clear she was excited to hear the opinions of her chat.

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In a funny twist of events, her fans ended up trolling her by claiming they “couldn’t see a difference” and saying the new ‘do’ “looked the same” as it had before.


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While Anys took the joking in stride, there was one particular comment that she couldn’t let slide.

One particular fan made a joking comparison to actress Amber Heard, who notably sports bright red hair in Aquaman.

Right now, Heard is in the middle of a lengthy defamation trial with ex-spouse Johnny Depp, who is suing his former wife for $50 million in response to an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post back in 2018.

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Poki was having none of this comparison. “Hell no, I’m not!” she exclaimed after reading the comment. “I am not. I am not! I am very, very, very not. That ain’t me! No siree! Nope!”

While it was all fun and games with her Twitch chat, it looks like Anys wasn’t about to let a comparison like that slide.

Though all in all, it looks like her new hair color was well-received in the end, marking a new fashion era for the streaming powerhouse.

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