Pokimane gives brutally honest warning to her “gross” Twitch viewers

Alan Bernal

Twitch streamer Imane ‘pokimane’ Anys has a long history of dealing with the platform’s less savory audience members and issued a strong warning for them to settle down.

Pokimane has endured everything from gifts from fans to people routinely donating hateful messages while she’s broadcasting, and it’s definitely made her a stronger streamer for doing so.

But she’s been noticing a rise of inappropriate comments and Twitch users since a streamer called ‘Nieuczesana’ has been gaining popularity for her incredible likeness to Pokimane.

Pokimane TwitchUnfortunately, its normal for Pokimane to experience a “gross” number of viewers, but she’s been able to handle them pretty well.

During a May 7 stream, Pokimane stared deep into the souls of her Twitch Chat to make them think about what they did after a viewer used a her pokiPUKE sub-emote in conjunction with “Poki’s Skin.”

“Im just going to stare at you until you feel bad about what you’ve done,” Pokimane said. “Every single one of you out there, I know what you did. I know what you said in chat.”

The streamer wasn’t having any of what the people in her Chat have been spamming lately, and she took the time to make sure everyone got the message to simmer down from the influx of inappropriate messages.

Pokimane’s lookalike streamer

The lookalike streamer Nieuczesana has also been getting a ton of traction in the last few days since her stream has been getting everything from trolls to new fans because of her Pokimane cosplay stream.

But Pokimane’s warning extended to the people that have been sending extremely suggestive remarks in both streams.

“I know what you said in that other girl’s chat,” Pokimane said. “You thought I wasn’t there? I was there I was just on my [alternate] account, I was there. I saw it, that’s rude. And I know what you did last night, that’s just gross. That’s not even rude. That’s just gross. Stop it. Stop!”

Not one to shy away from trolls, Pokimane was very direct when telling her stream’s unsavory visitors to settle down from now on.