Pokimane gifted hilarious NSFW 'stress relieving' toy from fan - Dexerto

Pokimane gifted hilarious NSFW ‘stress relieving’ toy from fan

Published: 1/Apr/2019 21:19 Updated: 2/Apr/2019 13:18

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys regularly receives gifts from fans that are shared during episodes of the OfflineTV podcast. Her latest gift, however, is something that she probably won’t get much use out of.

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Many streamers on Twitch have P.O. boxes where fans can send them various gifts where they’ll then open them on streams. 

Of course, by offering this, streamers are opening themselves up to receiving ‘troll’ gifts or things that the streamer would have little to no use for. This recently happened to Pokimane.

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Pokimane received a “hog squeezing” toy

During an episode of the OfflineTV Podcast, the guests were all opening gifts and Pokimane received a very interesting one. 


She at first thought it was a stress toy before she was informed by the others that it was for “hog squeezing” and not what she originally thought.

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“It’s a pig stress toy,” she said before being told what it really was. 

“I feel like this might be a better toy for you,” she told Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Lee as she handed it over to him.

In all likelihood, this probably isn’t even the weirdest thing Pokimane has received as a gift and she seemed to play it off pretty well.

It does make for a good April Fool’s Day gift but not for much else, especially for a female streamer.


She got serious during a more recent episode of the OfflineTV Podcast

Pokimane, TwitterPokimane thinks she knows why not everyone filters the toxicity out of their Twitch chat.

During a previous episode of the OfflineTV Podcast, Pokimane spoke on why she thinks some Twitch streamers don’t filter the toxicity out of their chats.

“I feel like people don’t like filtering their viewers because they don’t want to lose viewers,” Pokimane said of the issue. “…they realize that the more selective you are with your community, the smaller your community has to be to some extent, and the harder it can be to grow.”

That’s certainly a lot more serious than what was shown on the April Fool’s episode.