Pokimane admits she’s burnt out from Twitch streaming: “It’s time for a change”

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane reveals she's burnt out from Twitch

Pokimane revealed that she’s becoming exhausted by her status as a top Twitch streamer, claiming that she’s “burnt out” from the many projects she feels she should be working on.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the biggest influencers on the internet right now. Boasting over 8 million followers on Twitch, Anys has accrued a large social media presence on multiple other platforms and has even appeared in a major Hollywood film and music video.

While it sounds like a glamorous lifestyle from the outside, being a social media star isn’t always a walk in the park. Anys has repeatedly expressed her concerns with taking breaks away from her grueling streaming schedule, alongside the multitude of other projects she’s involved in.

However, it seems that her busy schedule and heavy workload have come to a head, as the streamer opened up to fans during a vlog on her second channel about just how much the stress is affecting her mental health.

Pokimane shocked face
Pokimane is one of Twitch’s top 10 broadcasters – but being a major influencer comes with its caveats.

Pokimane opens up on Twitch career

In her spiel, Anys stated that, from now on, she only wants to take on projects that she “wants to do,” claiming that she’s officially “burnt out, unlike any other way I’ve been burnt out in the past.”

“I just find myself doing so many things that I’m not excited about,” she explained. ” …I’m just a f**king shoulder. I always do things that I feel like I should do.”

“All these years, I’ve been living my life and framing it in such a way where I avoid having any regret. But avoiding regret does not mean you are pursuing what you want. Those are two very, very different things.”

Pokimane outdoors selfie
Pokimane has expressed concerns with burnout in the past, notably stepping back from Twitch for a month back in summer 2020 after feeling overworked.

Admits it may be time for a change

The streamer went on to claim that it’s “time for a change” in her life, and expressed disdain for the constant money-chasing culture of the modern age that runs parallel to her life as a full-time “overworking” streamer.

“Why do I have seven figures in my bank account for?” she declared. “To feel like a slave to what I’m expected to do or to the capitalistic idea of making the most amount of money you can? …I just don’t want this to be my norm.”

(Topic begins at 1:45)

Thus far, Pokimane has been met with support from her fans and friends. It doesn’t look like she’ll be taking an imminent break, but it wouldn’t be surprising, as the streamer has done so before over similar concerns.

On the bright side, Pokimane did let slip that she’s founding a company that will be announced “very soon” — so fans can look forward to even more content from their favorite influencer in the near future.

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