Pokimane addresses rumors about Fitz being her boyfriend after Fed drama

Daniel Cleary
Pokimane on Twitch

Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has responded to claims that she was seeing YouTube star Fitz after Fedmyster’s leaked document hinted at the content creator’s boyfriend.

After a document, written by Fedmyster on his history with Pokimane was leaked, fans have been circulating rumors about some of the details hinted at in the behind-the-scenes drama.

There was one anonymous character that Fedmyster had named “Steve” in the document, who was also involved with Pokimane, shortly after their relationship had ended. Many fans had suggested that it was Australian-based YouTube star Fitz.

Fedmyster’s leaked document led to plenty of speculation about his and Pokimane’s relationship.

When Fitz was asked if he was Pokimane’s boyfriend during the time period mentioned, he made a joke on the subject inferring that he was, which only further fueled the rumors that they were dating at that time.

However, Pokimane finally responded to the Fitz rumors in a recent stream, claiming that he was not who Fedmyster was referring to in the original document.

“Speaking about Fitz, he messaged me today and essentially made a joke about him being one of the secret names in the Fed document,” she explained, confirming that the Fitz rumors were a joke.

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“I didn’t meet Fitz until later, like 2019,” she admitted, revealing that the timeline was inaccurate, “also Fitz lives on the other side of the world, so there’s no way for me to be seeing him.”

The Twitch streamer followed up by explaining the number of rumors circulating about her had become difficult to deal with.

“There are just so many lies about me at this point that I’m losing f***ing track, I really am! So I just feel like I need to live life without caring or something, but it’s really hard.”

She finished up by urging fans to “stop thinking about” or speculating over her personal life and relationships, after previously revealing that she just had just wanted to move past the latest drama.