Pokelawls sends Twitch into meltdown just by eating bubblegum

Matt Porter
Twitch: Pokelawl

Popular Twitch streamer Pokelawls triggered his audience when he opened up a roll of Hubba Bubba bubblegum on stream, and devoured it in a way that infuriated anyone who had the misfortune of seeing it.

With streamers so dedicated to their job, it’s not surprising that many choose to eat their meals in front of their live audience, but this often leads to bizarre and utterly strange moments, such as Amouranth eating pasta without chewing, or Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek covering his gaming peripherals in grease while eating a chicken sandwich.

For some though, triggering people with the way they eat is almost like an art form, and former OfflineTV member Pokelawls knew exactly what he was doing when he told his chat he was going to “p*ss them off.”

Twitch: PokelawlsTwitch chat were furious after witnessing Pokelawls’ bizarre eating method.

During his January 8 stream, Pokelawls decided to watch a live broadcast from President Donald Trump to the American nation, explaining that while this wasn’t his regular content, he was interested to see it nonetheless. The streamer was kept waiting though, with the President late, and viewers being repeatedly told that they were just “minutes away.”

While commenting on how some of the U.S. leader’s decisions have annoyed the world, the streamer claimed he had a way that could “p*ss off” the world more than Trump ever could, switching his stream to show only his face as he picked up a pink roll of Hubba Bubba bubble gum.

The Bubba Tape roll is exactly what it sounds like, a rolled-up length of bubble gum that people can unwrap to tear bits off. Pokelawls decided that wasn’t the way to go though, grabbing it out of the carton, and biting through the wrap, much to the utter dismay of his chat.

Unsurprisingly, Pokelawls was absolutely right, with his chat immediately going into meltdown at this brash ignorance of the system, watching in horror as he held up the roll with a massive bite mark in the side of it.

Cries of “NO,” flooded the chat, with plenty disgusted by Pokelawl’s actions. “You animal,” wrote one particularly disgruntled viewer, while many claimed the streamer had gone too far.

Others asked how he even dared to perform such a vile act on stream, while some simply claimed they were done, telling Poke that they were leaving, unable to stomach the atrocity they had just witnessed.

Twitch: PokelawlsPoke’s Twitch chat couldn’t comprehend what they had seen.

Even his fellow streamers couldn’t believe what they had seen, with Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stunned, taking a sharp intake of breath as he watched the incident unfold on his stream.

“He did the thing,” the Canadian told his viewers. “You don’t. Even I have vile manners, and what I usually do is eat really long strips until there’s eight to 10 layers left, then eat the core. That’s a crime, dude.”

While Pokelawls pretended to swallow the bubblegum, he eventually revealed that he hadn’t, explaining that it would have been “too far” even for him. The streamer also revealed that he had originally intended to post an image on Twitter, but decided to do it live so he could annoy people in real-time.

His plan certainly worked, but whether or not anyone will ever be able to forgive him for this senseless act remains to be seen.

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