Shroud “triggers” viewers with hilarious eating habit

Shroud / Twitch

The so-called ‘human-aimbot’ Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek showed little respect for his mouse as he triggered his Twitch viewers  – and gamers everywhere – after covering his peripherals in chicken grease.

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Shroud, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, will often stream for upwards of eight hours, with tens of thousands of fans in different time zones around the world, and so regularly eats while on broadcast.

During his July 13 stream, the former CS:GO pro decided to troll some of his viewers while eating, after one commented that way he was eating a chicken sandwich was “triggering” them, while queuing for a game of Apex Legends.

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DreamhackShroud had a lengthy career as a CS:GO player before streaming full-time on Twitch.
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The Twitch star was tucking into his food when the comment caught his eye: “Bro, watching you handle that chicken and then touch your mouse is triggering me.”

In response, shroud had some fun by picking up the chicken sandwich and looking into the camera – before dabbing the half-eaten sandwich all over his mouse, lathering it in grease, to the disgust of gamers everywhere.

After intensely wiping the whole mouse with the sandwich, shroud rubbed it in to the viewers too – “Ah look at that grease!”

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Although fans begged him to stop the blasphemy, shroud decided he was not finished and began to get every portion of his meal involved, following up the sandwich with some fries, “Maybe a little fry action, you know? He said, while slapping the mouse with his fries, “Slap it with a fry!”

Clearly unfazed by the grease or the mess he had created, shroud quickly picked up the fry he had launched at his mouse and finished it off.

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Before he could troll his viewers any further, he realized that the queue had found him a match and he began to wipe everything down, fortunately for his viewers. It seems shroud’s skills were unaffected by the now-slippier, grease covered mouse.

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Shroud often finds himself on the receiving end of being trolled as many streamers on Twitch do, however, he did not hesitate to get one back over his viewers when the opportunity presented itself.