PewDiePie’s YouTube statistics are crazier than you’d think

Brent Koepp

With Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s recent surge in numbers on YouTube due his Minecraft series, fellow star Ethan ‘h3h3‘ Klein explained just how crazy his growing statistics actually are.

During the ‘h3 podcast’ on Aug 2, Ethan and Hila Klein turned the discussion to YouTube and Twitch numbers, and the ups and downs of a content creator’s views and subscribers.

However, the host was shocked when he took a deeper, more specific look into PewDiePie’s numbers, and explained why they are actually extremely impressive.

PewDiePie’s numbers rose due to Minecraft

When checking the analytics for PewDiePie’s channel, h3h3 screamed: “What!?, 544 million!” after seeing the statistics for his total views in the last 30 days.

The Swede saw a substantial increase in subscribers in the last two months due to his massively popular Minecraft videos. “This is his biggest month ever”, the podcaster exclaimed.

He then joked about the YouTube king’s statistics for July: “Last month he was slow, he only got 650,000 subs, this month he’s on track, he’s got 1.5 million.”

YouTube: H3 PodcastEthan was in total shock at PewDiePie’s crazy YouTube numbers.

As he took a look at Pewds’ peak subscriber count from previous months, h3h3 said that he at one point was getting seven million a month and that it was almost two million a week in viewers subscribing to his channel.

While the Swedish YouTuber’s sub count per month is not as high as its peak, his sub numbers are still insane. On him hitting 100 million subscribers, Klein made the observation that “it’s going super fast, yet it feels so slow” as fans are on edge anticipating him finally hitting the milestone.

H3h3 says PewDiePie deserves the success

Not just getting lost in the numbers, co-host Hila Klein was quick to point out “he clearly deserves it”. Ethan Klein agreed and said, “He grinds sooo hard. He’s been doing it for so long, how is [he] not burned out.”

The podcast duo then compared his work ethic to being a “YouTube super power”, clearly taken back by how crazy the numbers are that the YouTube king brings in.

(Timestamp 4:00 for mobile viewers.)

As PewDiePie swiftly approaches his 100 million subscriber milestone, he continues to entertain millions with his popular Minecraft series.

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