Twitch streamer's stomach gives him a literal rude awakening

Twitch streamer Icedshell2 woke up from a cat nap in the middle of his stream just to fiercely vomit all over the place.

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Icedshell2 found himself winding down from a stream that saw him slumped over at his desk at an intermission screen before he suddenly sprang back to life.

However, once he found his second wind, it didn’t result in him continuing his stream but instead ended up with him throwing up all over the place.

Icedshell2 - TwitchJust before the magic happens.
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Luckily for the viewers, he was able to do it off-screen by putting up his ‘Stream Starting Soon’ screen but he was not able to mute the audio in time.

Despite not seeing the upchuck occur, viewers were still able to listen to it which is probably just as bad.

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The streamer hasn’t been banned or suspended, yet, and it’s unclear if he ever will be considering he was able to do all the vomiting away from the viewers’ eyes.

For those wondering – no, Twitch does not condone throwing up on your stream, especially if it’s because you consumed too much alcohol or took too many drugs. He addressed the incident on Twitter, poking fun at it.

“Well that stream was fucked,” he said in a tweet.

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Realistically though, it’s hard to imagine Icedshell was thinking about a ban when he woke up but was instead more focused on where the nearest trash can or toilet was. 

It didn’t sound like he made it that far so hopefully he was just able to avoid getting anything on his expensive electronics.

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Strangely enough, he has just over 500 followers, so this incident could actually help him grow in popularity.

Another Twitch streamer who took over 14 years to clean his room exploded in popularity just by tidying up and now has over 3,000 followers.

Twitch is a strange place and sometimes it takes something weird to get your big break.