PewDiePie weighs in on Ninja’s Fortnite ban scandal - Dexerto

PewDiePie weighs in on Ninja’s Fortnite ban scandal

Published: 25/Nov/2018 9:19 Updated: 25/Nov/2018 9:23

by Vincent Genova


A recent video from PewDiePie saw the number one YouTuber give his thoughts on the Ninja controversy related to ban reporting in Fortnite.

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Ninja incorrectly reported someone in Fortnite for stream sniping and said he would go out of his way to insure the player got banned.

Epic found nothing wrong and did not ban the player. A second incident appeared that showed someone being banned based on a Ninja report for only having a high ping, but this turned out to be a hoax.

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During his PewNews segment, PewDiePie mocked Ninja for how he handled the initial incident, but also defended him at times.


“I think the hypocrisy here is that if anyone else but Ninja did that, no one would care,” said PewDiePie.

He compared his own controversies with Ninja’s, saying they are amplified because of their positions, with PewDiePie being the face of YouTube and Ninja being the face of Fortnite.

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Ninja was not blameless in the ban controversy according to PewDiePie, who claimed that Ninja acted like he had the ability to ban whoever he wanted.

“[Ninja] did say it in a way that he had that power [to ban someone] … ‘I have this power that I can use because I’m Ninja.’”


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In the end, PewDiePie believes the real reason Ninja faced so much blow-back on social media was due to his handling of the apology and not necessarily his actions.

“[Ninja] is practically doing what a lot of streamers do, that doesn’t make it ok, but he could have just explained this calm and rationally instead of getting pissed off about it and nobody would have cared.”

PewDiePie’s full thoughts on Ninja’s Fortnite behavior can be found in the video below.