Ninja apologizes after falsely rage reporting a Fortnite player for stream sniping

Ninja became upset after an elimination and reported a player for allegedly stream sniping him.

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However, the player in question claimed he did nothing wrong and became worried that he would be banned for no reason, forcing Ninja to publicly apologize.

The incident started after Ninja was eliminated and teammate Dr. Lupo said “watch for the emote.” Lupo was apparently referencing a typical reaction of players who emote when they see their spectator count go up.

But when the player did emote, Ninja interpreted that as stream sniping, thinking the emote was because the player heard Dr. Lupo telling him to. 

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Emoting after an elimination is a common reaction, but Ninja called the player an idiot and immediately reported him for stream sniping.

“Stream sniping” is when someone gains an advantage by watching a streamer’s broadcast while playing against them. It is the most common in Battle Royale games, where information on a player’s location is crucial.

Ninja said, “I’m going out of my way to get this guy banned.” He also pulled out his phone, seemingly going around the in-game reporting system to directly contact someone from Epic.

He did not cool down after reporting the player, instead choosing to call out viewers in the chat who disagreed with him.

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The player in question was identified as IcyFive and became nervous that his account would be banned; he tweeted he did nothing wrong, even claiming to have a video that proves it.

“I emoted cause there were 6 people watching me and I lasered you. I didn’t stream snipe you,” said IcyFive.

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Dr. Lupo distanced himself from the incident immediately, saying he did not believe the player was stream sniping and that the emote was an expected reaction when seeing spectators go up after an elim.

When pressured as to why he did not question Ninja’s behavior, Dr. Lupo explained himself.

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Ninja offered up an apology, saying he was sorry but simultaneously blamed IcyFive for “milking it” and “playing the victim.”