PewDiePie Sides with Ninja on Choosing Not to Stream with Women

Calum Patterson
Getty Images/PewDiePie

PewDiePie has addressed the recent viral debate surrounding Twitch streamer Ninja’s decision not to stream with women to avoid drama and gossip.

In an interview, Ninja explained the reason why you’ll never see him streaming with women, is to avoid the inevitable rumors and protect his relationship with his wife and manager, Jessica “JGhosty” Blevins.

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The news sparked a debate on social media across the wider community on Twitch and in gaming generally, with lots of high profile figures weighing in.

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Ninja himself clarified his comments with a statement on Twitter, and PewDiePie, as the most subscribed YouTuber and one of the most famous people on the internet, completely sympathises.

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PewDiePie explains that many people not in Ninja’s position may not fully understand that his every move is criticized, and from past cases of internet stars and relationships, they don’t mix well.

“Ninja made a very off hand remark, saying ‘I don’t want to play with female streamers, because I want to avoid all the gossip that comes with that.’ Now, anyone that’s a public figure understands what he means.

A lot of people also made pretty reasonable claims against this statement, saying ‘I understand, but he could still play with them and not care about the rumors’ […] In any other job, this is true. But on the internet, what you don’t understand is that people are insane, especially when it comes to relationships. People are crazy.”

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PewDiePie is in a unique position to talk about the situation, considering he is one of very few internet stars who can truly relate to the decision which Ninja is having to make.

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“I’ve seen it myself. Other YouTuber couples, their relationship becoming more complicated because other people had things to say about it online.”

He also thinks that Ninja’s words in the original interview perhaps could have been said better, to emphasise his reasoning, rather than the decision itself. PewDiePie actually says he knows of other content creators who do the same, but it just isn’t publicized.

“I know for a fact that other YouTubers or streamers don’t collaborate or play with females, because they know there will just be a lot of drama and bs with it, and it’s just not worth it. This is really the ugly truth of the internet.”

You can watch PewDiePie’s full video addressing the Ninja situation below.

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