KaceyTron Receives Twitter Ban After Arguing Over Ninja Choosing Not to Stream with Women “I’ll cut your dick off”

Mike Kent

The debate over Ninja’s decision to avoid streaming with female gamers continues and it’s now resulted in a female streamer being banned from Twitter.

Content creator KaceyTron had been Tweeting back and forth with Ninja and his followers when she made some crass remarks that appear to have landed her a suspension on the social media site.

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KaceyTron is often considered a controversial character and known for speaking her mind. It appears Twitter deemed her latest response to have gone a little too far.

The content creator uploaded a segment of her stream to YouTube on August 14, where she sarcastically talked about how her career is over because she can’t stream with Ninja.

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The conversation was then taken to Twitter, but at some point it got a little ugly.

The context of the situation is unclear due to the account being suspended at the time of writing, but at one point KaceyTron said she would throw a bloody tampon at someone, before also commenting that she would cut their dick off and wear it as a trophy.

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Whether she was being serious or not is another matter, but Twitter have taken it as gospel and suspended the account for an unknown amount of time.

It’s possible that we will see her suspension overturned if it turns out to be an automatic ban based on reports submitted by those who witnessed it.