PewDiePie roasts Ninja’s New Year’s Eve flossing fail

Virginia Glaze

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg took shots at popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ New Year’s Eve event, where he attempted to get all of Times Square to groove with Fortnite’s ‘floss’ dance in the cold rain.

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PewDiePie addressed a statement made by the dance’s creator, ‘Backpack Kid,’ during a video on January 6, where the ‘floss’ originator expressed some distaste at not being invited to help break the world record for having the most people breaking down in the dance at one time.

American talk show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ broke the record in September of 2018, with 349 people in total performing the dance for one minute. However, Ninja set out to break that record on New Year’s Eve, asking for 1 million people to bust a move with him – despite the inclement weather.

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PewDiePie went on to throw shade towards Ninja’s plan, calling his goal a “bad idea.”

“They were trying to beat the floss record?” PewDiePie asked incredulously, laughing. “But no one did it? Imagine trying to break a world record to get a million people to do something. This just brings a whole new meaning to this whole thing!”

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While Ninja’s New Year’s Eve flossing experiment was ultimately met with mockery across the internet, the streamer took the fail in good humor, poking fun at himself in a Tweet shortly thereafter.

“Word of advice: Dont try to get 1 million New Yorkers to dance in the rain on New Year’s,” he wrote. “Trust me.”

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