PewDiePie reveals his new custom-made award for 100 million subscribers

Daniel Cleary

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has revealed his new custom-made 100 million subscriber award after receiving the ‘Ruby Play Button’ in September 2019.

PewDiePie was the second channel on YouTube to reach the incredible 100 million subscriber mark, narrowly losing out to T-Series after their highly entertaining race to the goal.

Despite falling to the Indian record label, the popular Swede was still the first individual content creator to achieve such a milestone and he even received his own custom-made award for the occasion.

PewDiePie, YouTubePewDiePie was the first individual content creator to hit 100 million subs on YouTube.

In the latest episode of his popular series, LWIAY, where he reviews the likes of meme submissions from his fans, the YouTuber revealed that he had been sent a new award to commemorate reaching 100 million subscribers.

Although he had already received the ruby play button from YouTube, PewDiePie’s custom-made award which was a little more personal, featuring a Minecraft block and his iconic gaming chair.

“I finally have the 100 million award, the official 100 million award, here it is, amazing!” the YouTuber explained why he had received another trophy, “some of you guys thought YouTube’s award was a little lackluster design-wise, so BobbyDukeArts made it thank you so much.

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“Presented to PewDiePie for passing 100 million subscribers,” PewDiePie said, reading the plaque aloud before explaining what it meant to him, “it feels like the community is giving me an award which obviously means a lot.”

“Its such high quality, it’s apparently made with a couple of different kinds of wood,” The YouTube star explained, highlighting the craftsmanship of his new award, “very nice, it feels very premium and with the chair as well, so good.”

PewDiePie then demonstrated that the creator of his new gift had added a tiny replica of his adjustable gaming chair on top of the trophy, allowing the Swede to lean the chair back and forth as if he was actually sitting on it.

However, despite all of his recent success, PewDiePie revealed that he would also be taking a break from uploading to his channel, allowing himself some time to relax following the holiday season.