PewDiePie reveals big YouTube announcement inspired by Dream and Corpse Husband

Bill Cooney

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg announced in a new video that he was doing away with his face cam to try and “stay relevant” with the likes of other creators like Dream and Corpse Husband.

Pewds is easily one of the most popular content creators on the internet, but in an effort to maintain his relevance, as he put it, the Swede announced a major change coming to his videos and streams in the future.

Fans don’t have to worry too much — as Pewds didn’t announce he was taking any more time off — but he did reveal a major change coming to his channel: getting rid of his face cam.

PewDiePie is one of the top creators on YouTube, and says he’s trying to “stay relevant” by removing his face cam.

In a new video posted on January 23, Pewds announced he was doing a “reverse face reveal” AKA just getting rid of his self-facing camera and replacing it with an avatar like Dream, Corpse Husband or any of the other YouTubers who have hopped on the trend.

“I’ve realized that the only way for me to stay relevant at this point, it’s necessary for me to do this,” Kjellberg joked. “Corpse Husband: no face cam, no face reveal, massively popular. Dream: no face cam, no face reveal, massively popular.”

True to his word for the rest of the video Pewds did do away with the camera and just used an icon, but he hasn’t settled on a final avatar yet, and is asking for fans help.

“I haven’t picked my avatar yet, so I figured why don’t you guys on the PewDiePie submissions subreddit?” PewDiePie added. “Help me pick my 3D avatar, because they all have one.”

Hopefully, fans can come up with something a little better than the image Pewds chose for this video, even though it was hilarious — it’s not what you want people to see every time they tune in.

It also remains to be seen how long PewDiePie will keep this gimmick up. Sure, streaming with a 3D avatar or no face cam is all the rage right now, but one could argue Kjellberg could probably survive without one.

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