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PewDiePie responds to accusations of faking YouTube horror Lets Plays

Published: 30/Apr/2020 20:13 Updated: 1/May/2020 2:36

by Brent Koepp


During his April 30 upload, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg explained why those believing his old horror Let’s Plays were “faked” are wrong.

PewDiePie may be known today as the largest individual YouTuber in the world in with over 104 million subscribers, but in 2010 it was his Let’s Plays of the horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent that first began his journey to the top.

During his latest upload, the Swedish entertainer responded to those accusing him of faking his jumpscare reactions in the classic videos by hilariously demonstrating why he’s easily startled.

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PewDiePie responds to accusations

In his latest video, the YouTuber watched content on the Twitter account ‘The strangest videos online’ where he reacted to a host of bizarre clips. After being startled by one of the posts, the Swede was reminded of his horror Lets Plays.

“I’m so easily startled!” he laughed, before explaining “It’s so funny, because when I used to do horror games, everyone would accuse me “he’s faking it! he’s faking it!” … I get scared easily!”

The popular entertainer then joked, “It’s a natural reaction because I’ve so much testosterone that anything that comes at me, I meet with an “Ahh!” It’s a tactic. A defense tactic!”

(Timestamp 03:43 for mobile users.)

After watching another scary clip later in the video, he exclaimed, “Look, I get goosebumps!” as he raised his arm up to the camera. “I don’t know what it is. My imagination is scarier then the video!”

The Swedish star’s response to year-old accusations was hilarious, as he genuinely became startled while watching the bizarre clips online. Despite his years of experience, the jump scare still got the best of him.

While the YouTuber has largely focused on reaction style content in recent years, he made his glorious return to gaming in 2019 with his epic Minecraft series which exploded on the platform.

YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie was genuinely scared in his classic horror videos.

In 2018, PewDiePie actually re-visited Amnesia, making it almost eight years since he first played the career-defining title for his audience. With how popular they are, who knows – maybe fans will get some more horror videos in the future.

The Swede continues to crush it on the Google-owned platform, pulling in millions of views an upload. It seems his much-deserved break at the beginning of 2020 has not slowed him down.


JakeNBake hit with DMCA strike for Kanye song in two-year-old Twitch clip

Published: 30/Oct/2020 2:19 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 3:16

by Isaac McIntyre


Twitch star Jake “Jake’n’Bake” Abramson has revealed he could be “in danger of losing everything” he’s built on his channel after an old IRL clip from more than two years ago was hit with a DMCA copyright strike due to a Kanye West song.

The ongoing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) drama sweeping across Twitch has spared no one from its reach. The new Twitch crackdown, which sees streamers pinged for licensed music on broadcasts, is the hot topic in the community right now.

One by one, Twitch’s biggest stars have been sucked into the DMCA drama; Imane “Pokimane” Anys was forced to delete her streaming back-catalog last week, and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has called for stars to “unite” against the crackdown.

DragonForce’s Herman Li was also banned after DMCA flagged his own music.

Jake'n'Bake has become the latest Twitch streamer caught up in the DMCA drama.
Twitch: JakeNBake
Jake’n’Bake has become the latest Twitch streamer caught up in the DMCA drama.

Now, the latest star to find himself on the DMCA frontlines is Jake’n’Bake. The 30-year-old IRL star is one of the Amazon-owned platform’s biggest stars. He boasts nearly 500k followers, but that may now be in danger.

Jake’n’Bake revealed on Oct. 29 that he had been hit with a copyright infringement from Twitch. The kicker? The clip in question was from a May 9 stream all the way back in 2018, which contained just mere seconds of Kanye West’s ‘Lift Yourself.’

Jake’n’Bake gets DMCA strike for old Twitch clip

“Just to be clear… this is a 30-second clip from two and a half years ago,” Abramson wrote on Twitter soon after receiving the DMCA email.

The Twitch email detailed a “claimed infringement” on Jake’n’Bake’s old 2018 broadcast, where moments of the Kanye West song can be heard. The email warned JakeNBake could have his channel “terminated” if another offense is uncovered.

“It was from an outdoor IRL stream. I probably passed by a shop, or was in a place that was playing the song in the background… I’m now in danger of losing everything,” the Twitch star continued. “How is this even realistic?”

Jake’n’Bake, who admitted on-stream soon after that Twitch is “80% of his life,” is now rushing to download and clear his video back-catalog — 13,00 past VODS worth — in an effort to avoid that next promised DMCA strike.

“The biggest thing for me, and I think a lot of people are the same, because my stuff is IRL, there’s like three years of home videos. I love that they’re all in one place, and accessible,” he explained.

“It’s not like I just played games… for me, it’s like, in my heart, all these memories, and experiences. It’s disappointing because it just got a bit more real.”

“My fear is if I counter-ping this, and it chimes like a little ‘tick’, and some computer just turns at me and goes through everything like ‘f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you’… and starts pinging me for everything I’ve done! Maybe I should just delete everything so that can’t get me.”

He added later, “It’s kind of nuts how this is just controlling my life now. This was two and a half years ago! I don’t really know what to do except delete everything, which just sucks. There’s nothing else I can really do.”

The DMCA drama, unfortunately, looks set to continue into the foreseeable future on Twitch, with the platform sticking to their guns on the copyright stance.

We can layout the big names hit by the wave so far ⁠— Courage, BrookeAB, Scump, Ninja, Sonii, Mongraal, Lirik… the list goes on ⁠— and there’ll likely be more caught in the crackdown soon. Twitch has yet to comment on the most recent strikes.