PewDiePie unbanned from Twitch after mysterious ban without even streaming

Brad Norton
PewDiePie on YouTube

Mega-popular YouTube star PewDiePie was slapped with a mysterious Twitch account ban despite not even broadcasting live on the platform. The ban has no been lifted, with PewDiePie’s account now back in action.

PewDiePie’s Twitch account was banned on the Amazon-owned streaming platform on May 8. The exact reason for the ban was not confirmed.

Primarily known for his pre-recorded content on YouTube, as one of the biggest influencers on the site to this day, PewDiePie isn’t exactly thought of as a Twitch streamer first and foremost. In fact, the Swedish star turned Japan-local seemingly hasn’t directly appeared live on Twitch in quite some time. At least, not in an official capacity.

Following a surprise reemergence of his Twitch account a few weeks ago on March 21, many believed his account was actually hacked. From replaying old videos to bizarrely streaming full episodes of Trailer Park Boys – a Canadian comedy series, there was no actual ‘live’ content in that broadcast featuring Pewds himself.

Naturally, many assumed the worst, however, it was soon revealed that CoPilotMedia took over the channel and turned it into an endless rebroadcast cycling through old content.

With PewDiePie far more focused on YouTube content, and with his first child on the way, Twitch streaming is likely not his biggest priority anyway.

The channel does have over 1.5 million followers. Since the ban has been lifted, PewDiePie has not yet gone live with the rerun content though.

Throughout the ban and now unban, PewDiePie has not addressed the matter. The ban lasted three days in total.