PewDiePie reveals the biggest reason why he loves living in Japan

pewdiepie reveals biggest benefit to living in japan as an influencerYouTube: PewDiePie

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg finally made the move to Japan after years of waiting — and he says the country has some major unexpected benefits for him.

PewDiePie is the most-followed individual creator on YouTube. Boasting over 111 million subscribers, it’s almost impossible for the Swedish influencer to avoid being recognized in public.

In fact, Kjellberg has begged fans in the past to allow him some private moments in public settings, noting one particular story where he was mobbed by viewers while eating dinner with his wife, Marzia.

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After living in the United Kingdom for some time, Felix, Marzia, and their two pugs finally made the move to Japan. The process was held off for years due to the global health crisis.

Instagram: PewDiePie
PewDiePie has finally relocated to Japan with wife Marzia after years of waiting.

Although the pair are still settling in, Felix says that he’s in a sort of ‘honeymoon’ phase with the country and has a hard time finding faults with his new surroundings.

Even better — he claims that he hardly gets recognized in public anymore, something that makes up one of the major reasons why he loves living far away from the West.

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Instagram: itsmarziapie
PewDiePie is settling in to life in Japan – and so far, he says it’s going well.

PewDiePie reveals biggest benefit of living in Japan as an influencer

“I never cared for attention,” he stated in a June 6 Q&A video. “I always smile when I meet people. It genuinely brightens me up. I mean that. But — and I think people recognize this in my vlogs — I can kind of let my guard down a bit in public.”

“That’s also, honestly, part of the reason we like Japan. No one knows who we are here, and I really enjoy that. As much as I like meeting you guys, I do also enjoy that. But also, don’t misunderstand me. I also appreciate people coming and just saying hi for a bit.”

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The YouTuber also clarified that he does still get recognized from time to time, but usually by other foreigners or people wanting to practice their English.

For now, this marks a major change in PewDiePie’s life — and another big chapter for YouTube’s biggest star.

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