PewDiePie explains why he has “no sympathy” for Alinity after breakdown

Andrew Amos
Pewdiepie side by side Alinity crying

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has taken aim at Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon after the Twitch streamer had a breakdown on stream on July 2. The YouTube megastar said that, while her situation is “horrible,” he feels “no sympathy” for her.

PewDiePie and Alinity were at each other’s throats back in 2018, after Mogollon issued a copyright strike on Kjellberg’s YouTube channel over a joke about “Twitch thots.”

The streamer asked whether she could copystrike PewDiePie “for show,” before someone from a company representing her pulled the trigger. Alinity has since clarified that the claim was reportedly made on accident as a “joke.”

Alinity crying on stream
Alinity broke down on Twitch after describing the hate she’s received online.

Alinity received a ton of criticism for the move back in 2018 ⁠— among other things in her Twitch career ⁠— that led the streamer to put out an emotional statement on July 2. “The sh*t you guys say really affects people, okay? You guys have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to kill myself,” she said.

While she’s vowed to “be better,” Kjellberg has taken the streamer’s comments with a grain of salt. He addressed the streamer’s breakdown on a July 8 broadcast, as well as some comments made in a recent discussion with popular streamer Dr. K about the copyright strike drama.

PewDiePie claimed that while he’s happy to leave the drama in the past, all he wants Alinity to do is own up to it. The YouTuber believes she hasn’t apologized for some of the things she’s done, and instead opted to shift blame.

“I can’t feel sad for her. It’s obviously horrible that she got to that point, but to get people to stop harassing her would be so easy. I feel like I tried to help her at the end of my videos when the drama was getting out of hand. It was so clear that she didn’t want to own up to what she did,” he stated.

“She didn’t want to be like ‘yeah, even though I technically wasn’t the one who copyright striked the videos, I still took credit for it, and I was acting all up in arms about it.’ [With] some acknowledgment, I think people would have backed off, but I could see so clearly that she had no intention of doing that whatsoever.”

PewDiePie smirking
Kjellberg explained that while Alinity should not be harassed, he doesn’t feel any sympathy for her.

While he primarily talked about the 2018 incident between him and Alinity, he also briefly mentioned more recent drama. This included when Divine threw her cat above her head while streaming, as well as spitting vodka into her cat’s mouth.

He argued that the Twitch streamer “played into [being the victim],” and because she refused to apologize, people became resentful towards her.

“More and more things happened with Alinity that was outside of my drama ⁠— she did the whole cat meme, and fed a cat some vodka, and she threw her cat over her head ⁠— and she didn’t get banned. I think people’s resentment that she was some untouchable figure [on Twitch]…and she became the villain of the internet,” he said.

Kjellberg did acknowledge the impact the comments have had on Alinity. However, he also claimed that there is still a window for forgiveness if she takes the right action.

“The internet is ruthless, and it’s disgusting how it gets so far that it’ll drive people to become suicidal. I’m all against that, but the internet is surprisingly forgiving as well. If you own up to what you’ve done, it’s always the easiest way to get people off your back.”

As for what PewDiePie wants, he doesn’t want an apology ⁠— or anything for himself. What he wants is ultimately for the streamer to “own up,” but until then, he won’t feel much sympathy.

“Long story short, I don’t really care…I don’t want an apology. Just move on, and maybe own up to the cat stuff at least. No shifting blame, or just move on. I’m sure [Alinity] will be fine.

“I’m sure she’s gone through a lot. Unfortunately, that’s how it is online when you do bad things. I can speak from experience, it’s not easy, it’s tough as hell. Still, knowing all this, I don’t have much sympathy. Maybe I’m just an a**hole.”