PewDiePie explains why being internet famous is “useless”

Daniel Cleary

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has explained why becoming famous online is not something that people should strive for.

PewDiePie is YouTube’s most popular individual content creator gathering a massive following of over 102 million subscribers since starting his channel in 2010.

The YouTube star would likely know more about being internet famous than anyone else on the planet, however, he explained that it is not as good as many would suspect.

PewDiePie was reacting to clips of the popular TV show Dr. Phil for his channel which featured two young YouTubers who had made an infamous viral video where they had licked inside of a tub of Ice-cream before placing it back on the shelf for an unsuspecting customer.

PewDiePiePewDiePie is the biggest individual content creator on YouTube.

The video received a lot of backlash when it was first posted, although the YouTubers who had filmed it were seemingly proud of the amount of attention they were receiving regardless if it was mostly hate messages.

Speaking from his own experiences, PewDiePie explained that although he understands the appeal of people wanting to become famous it is not as meaningful as many make it out to be.

“Being famous for a lot of people is something they want to experience, everyone wants to know what it feels like, everyone wants that 15 minutes, It doesn’t mean sh*t, listen to me!”

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The popular YouTuber expressed that reaching a high level of internet fame can be useless if you have nothing else to show for it and that it shouldn’t be seen as a priority, “Being famous is one of the most useless things you can be, it is not something you should strive to be.”

After watching the young content creators on Dr. Phil, who apparently let the dream of becoming famous get to their heads, PewDiePie shared that becoming famous is not worth affecting others in a negative manner.

“Being popular online used to be a recognition of doing something cool but now people want to be recognized so badly, they’ll do something negative. It’s so pathetic, how low will people go?”

Despite his criticism of those with internet fame, the YouTube star often makes time for his fans and recently attracted a huge crowd to an unexpected meet and greet in Canada.

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