PewDiePie cringes after watching the worst Pickup Artists do their thing

Dylan Horetski. Last updated: Aug 23, 2021
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YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has found some more cringe-worthy content to react to, and this time, he’s delving into the wild world of pickup artists. 

Diving into the world of PickUp artists, a community of men focusing on reaching a goal of seduction with women, PewDiePie starts his video off by stating: “I haven’t slept, I feel like s***. But there’s one thing that makes me feel even worse. PickUp Artists.”

Mainstream media coverage of PickUp artists started around 2005 when investigative reporter Neil Strauss published a book called “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” in which the author stumbles upon the secret society and decides to check it out, becoming one himself.

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PewDiePie’s cringe reactions

While watching videos of PickUp Artists, PewDiePie cuts away from them with his reactions, often laughing at the audacity and awkwardness of the men.

Throughout the multiple videos he reacts to, he makes one thing clear — he thinks PickUp artists are creepy. With comments like “that’s the worst I’ve ever seen” and “that’s so weird” throughout the videos confirming that opinion.

After watching an artist in a library fail to get the interest of a woman studying, and a second one relentlessly trying to get a woman to come home with him from the bar, PewDiePie doesn’t appear as upset about the third video as it was posted knowing the artist in the video failed.

He soon realizes how many times the women in the video try to get the man to leave. Then, he gets annoyed.

“Guys biggest problem with girls is fear of rejection, right? These pickup artists have just created this shield for fear of rejection that they just don’t give a s***, no matter how uncomfortable they make women. It’s so strange, and I’m sorry,” Felix said before switching to the next video.

The last video PewDiePie reacts to is at a PickUp Artist convention, in which they invite women to come so the artists can practice their lines. “It’s the weirdest thing ever,” he said before starting the video.

When the last PickUp artist starts talking and asks the woman if she’d rather have ADD or OCD, which are two mental health disorders, PewDiePie said: “I think for a while people were trying to turn PickUp Artistry into some psychoanalytic game and it just took a weird curve.”

This isn’t the first reaction video PewDiePie has uploaded, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.