Top 5 funniest moments from Jerma985’s insane IRL ‘Sims’ Twitch stream

Jerma985 opening doorTwitch, Jerma985/ Maxis, EA

Streamer Jerma985 recently went viral for his high-production, Sims-style ‘dollhouse’ streams that allowed viewers to vote to control his actions, including preventing him from taking a shower. 

Holding roughly 80,000 viewers on August 18, 20, and 21, Jerma985 provided a series of insane Sims-like IRL streams like no other streamer has done before.

Jerma takes a shower

In the top viewed clip on his channel, Jerma is in the bathroom with a repair/cleaning lady after the toilet starts leaking. Shortly after entering, the chat decides to make him take a shower.

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Ludwig makes an appearance

Jerma wasn’t the only big personality on the streams, Ludwig made a few appearances as well. Including being Jerma’s ‘cat-boy’ maid, who catches the star in bed with the grim reaper.

Chat places an end table on Jerma

After passing out in the kitchen from no sleep while on a phone call with his mother, chat chooses to place a living room set on top of the streamer. This set is special, though, because it belongs to his presumed dead uncle.

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Jerma gets trapped inside the house

One of the options chat had during his streams was placing an item in a random room and in a random location. This time, they decided to trap him in the house with a bed.

Showing his musical talents

While wearing what appears to be Mickey Mouse gloves, Jerma shows us that he can play the piano.

These are just a small example of how hilarious Jerma985’s stream was. You can check out the rest of the clips on his channel.

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We’re not sure what gave him the idea to do such a high-production stream, but we are excited to see what he comes up with next.

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