PewDiePie calls out “snitch” 6ix9ine in diss track against Cocomelon YouTube channel

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Screenshot of YouTuber PewDiePie mocking rapper 6ix9ine in Coco diss track.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg took his diss track game to the next level by unleashing a blistering number against children’s YouTube channel, Cocomelon. His new song ‘Coco’ also jokes about rapper 6ix9ine being a “snitch.”

PewDiePie surprised viewers in 2018 when he dropped his hit song ‘B**ch Lasagna’. The parody single took his feud with T-Series to a whole new level, and has accumulated over 280 million views.

Kjellberg made his return to music game on February 14 with another diss track – this time aimed at children’s channel Cocomelon. The Swede also used the moment to also jokingly challenge rapper 6ix9ine.

Screenshot of PewDiePie destroying 6ix9ine statue in Coco diss-track.
PewDiePie destroys a doll of rapper 6ix9ine with a katana sword in his new diss track.

PewDiePie calls out 6ix9ine while roasting kids YouTube channel

The Cocomelon “diss track” is of course comedic, and the 31-year-old has told viewers that he has no actual beef with the channel. The new video is four minutes of Pewds delivering blistering lyrics while dressed up as a Mr Rogers clone hosting his own nightmarish children’s show.

From Santa Clause being fake to pets being buried in the backyard, he does not hold back roasting Cocomelon’s child content. The entertainer even dawns samurai armor before using a katana to destroy the channel’s signature watermelon logo.

In a surprising turn, however, PewDiePie also uses the new single to take aim at rapper 6ix9ine. “Don’t be a f**king snitch. Don’t be like 69, that rainbow f**king b**ch. Rainbow b**ch, hair too bright. Don’t eat lead paint or your brain will end up like 6ix9ine,” he sings jokingly.

As the song winds down, the YouTuber even directly challenges the rap artist “I’m just playing Coco, you know I love you. Not 6ix9ine though, ankle monitor-wearing c**t, I challenge you in a legal fight,” he spits, though fans shouldn’t take this offer too seriously.

Fans of the entertainer have been waiting for the song to drop for a while. The content creator teased it over the past year as the nursery rhyme channel has been inching closer to passing him in subscribers in 2021.

It should be pointed out PewDiePie is known for his sarcastic humor, so the track should be taken as such – comedic. It even ends with a confused child asking “Why is he dissin’ 6ix9ine?”. Only time will tell if the artist responds with his own diss track.

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