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PewDiePie roasts Deji for controversial prank at Esports Awards

Published: 15/Nov/2018 23:47 Updated: 15/Nov/2018 23:55

by Virginia Glaze


Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, the current king of YouTube, has shared his hilarious reaction to YouTuber Deji Olatjuni’s controversial practical joke at the 2018 Esports Awards.

Deji incited criticism for his reveal of the Awards’ Esports Publisher of the Year, who he at first said was Epic Games.


Deji owned up to his prank as a representative from Epic made his way to the stage, revealing Blizzard as the true winner of the category.

“No I’m joking, I’m joking, it’s a joke,” he said. “It goes to Blizzard, well done Blizzard.”


Blizzard’s representatives could then be seen heading to the stage, one of which shook his head at Deji’s antics.

PewDiePie put a hand over his face in apparent secondhand embarrassment, laughing at the crowd’s ensuing cries of shock and disbelief during a ‘Pew News’ video on November 15.

“Why would you do that, Deji?” he asked through a laugh. “Why? …they went up and everything! Stupid YouTubers, I love it.”


Of course, that wasn’t the only prank Deji pulled at the Esports Awards; the YouTuber-turned-host also took shots at streaming platform Twitch for allowing (and even participating in) illegal streams of the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, of which he was a member.

“Yo, shoutout to Twitch for illegally streaming our fight, you owe us money!” Deji shouted. “Woo!”

In keeping with his bombastic personality, Deji called out those who taking issue with his hosting skills on Twitter, writing, “Man, I really pissed off the eSports community.”


While Epic may not have procured Publisher of the Year, Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins ended up taking the prize for both Streamer of the year and Esports Personality of the Year, following up from his previous double-win at the Streamys.


Austin & Catherine McBroom respond as Ace Family ‘fight’ disturbs fans

Published: 19/Oct/2020 18:01

by Alice Hearing


Popular YouTubers Austin and Catherine McBroom have responded to criticism after fans were disturbed by a clip of a fight in an ACE family video.

The ACE Family is comprised of five members, with the newest being parents Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz’s infant son, Steel. The Family also boasts two daughters, Alaïa and Elle, the latter of which has become the center of the YouTubers’ latest controversy.


In a clip the family posted to YouTube, Austin is seen briefly shouting at Catherine and swearing as they try to film a segment of them greeting their followers. Many fans think that the clip was left in the uploaded video as a mistake and it has left fans concerned about the dynamic between the couple.

While the video was quickly deleted, it was already recorded and uploaded elsewhere online where fans revealed their concerns. One person wrote, “She looks like she’s about to cry.” Another person said they thought it was evidence of an “unhealthy relationship.”

Austin McBroom Catherine Praiz ACE family YouTubers
Instagram: Austin McBroom
The ACE family are no strangers to controversy

Austin and Catherine McBroom have now responded to the criticism on Twitter. Catherine wrote, “yes Austin and I get frustrated with each other sometimes, it’s called marriage. I wish people would stop expecting people to have a ‘perfect’ life, it’s just not realistic!”

Austin added, “No relationship is perfect, but the love Catherine and I have for each other makes up for the small imperfections.”

Some fans were not convinced, replying to the tweet, expressing that they thought the clip looked “manipulative.” Others were grateful to the pair for their honesty, with one person responding, “I love how realistic you two are, you’ve never put on a show about your life. You’ve always been 100% real with everyone. That’s one of the reasons why I love you guys so much.”


The ACE family are no strangers to controversy. In June, they came under fire after a video surfaced that showed Austin spanking his four-year-old daughter while making inappropriate comments.