Alinity responds to “ridiculous” calls for Twitch ban after dog mishap

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamer Alinity has explained why she shouldn’t be banned from Twitch following the on-stream mishap with her dog Luna and hit out at the “ridiculous” reaction.

Back on November 30, the Canadian broadcaster was at the mercy of the internet after a clip went viral from her stream that showed her dog, Luna, poking around her groin as she tried to pull off a yoga pose. 

Plenty of folks chimed in on the strange clip, including Corinna Kopf, who used it as a way to roast Alinity after she had been banned for wearing ‘undergarments’ on Twitch in the following days. PETA have even made demands to Twitch that they ban Alinity from the platform.

Alinity, Twitter
Alinity is no stranger to having her pets as a part of the stream.

While Alinity hadn’t initially spoken out, she finally addressed it on December 1 – reviewing the clip as she kicked off her daily stream. 

“People are like really mad about this. Like, people think I should be banned for that,” Alinity told her viewers after re-watching the now-viral clip. “I think it’s so ridiculous, like seriously guys, y’all have gone way too far.” 

The streamer added that it wasn’t the first instance of her trying to pull off the yoga pose, claiming that there is a “million clips out there” of her doing the same thing, but this time her dog happened to get involved.

She explained that she had been wanting to show off her progress with yoga, and as the dog got involved, she tried to nudge her away – but that didn’t happen as quickly as she may have liked. 

Alinity wasn’t finished there though, noting that she didn’t think she could be “surprised” by the internet’s outcry anymore, but that anything seems possible now.

Yet, the streamer circled back around to the situation at hand. “It’s just kind of crazy, and my dog does this to everyone – especially to ladies when they’re on their period,” she explained further. “That’s just how dogs, like, get to know each other. She does it to everyone.”

After giving examples, Alinity concluded her recap of what had happened. “Anyway, so that’s been going on, that was my night last night while I was very, very stoned, I’m trying to deal with the internet and I’m just like what the f*cks wrong with people, like, why can’t we just all chill and hug and love.”

Despite her reasoning and explanation, the streamer is still likely to face some shots from the internet as they pile on with their jokes and memes.

Regardless of that, though, its unlikely to stop her from streaming on Twitch or even practicing yoga again – she’ll just have to be a bit more aware of any potential slip-ups that could arise.

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