Pestily overtakes Tfue, NICKMERCS in Twitch history books with huge 35-day subathon

Twitch: Pestily

Australian streamer Pestily has made a major move in the Twitch history books, overtaking superstar names like Anomaly and NICKMERCS in the platform’s all-time subscriptions, and dumping Tfue out of the platform’s Top 10 entirely off the back of his ambitious 35-day subathon.

Subathons are all the rage across Twitch right now ⁠— mainly sparked by Ludwig’s historic 30-day effort back in ⁠April — and Aussie star Pestily was the latest to jump on the popular trend.

It was a smash-hit for the three-time Escape from Tarkov world champion, who was bowling down Twitch records on his way to 35 consecutive days streaming on for his 972k followers. He reached the 35-day mark on August 4, chalking his name into the history books at NICKMERCS and Tfue’s expense.

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The Tarkov star, 32, is now the seventh most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time, clearing 81,836 subscribers during the record run. That puts him way above several huge streamers, including Anomaly (70,420) and Tfue (69,586).

Twitter: PestilyTwitter: Pestily
The Australian army veteran is now the seventh-most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time.

Pestily had just woken up from an on-stream nap for the milestone on July 30, and was all smiles as his Twitch subscribers ticker rolled over to 80,845, more than 400 clear of NICKMERCS, who hit 80,402 last April.

“It means a lot,” the Australian said. “I love all you guys.”

He also wrote on Twitter: “What a ride! With 20 days to go! Let’s see what random crap I can do from here. Thanks so much for this incredible experience!”

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Pestily stormed into the all-time Twitch subscribers top seven on July 29.Twitch Tracker
The Tarkov star stormed into the all-time Twitch subscribers top seven on July 29.

Pestily began his 35-day subathon at the start of July. At the time, he suggested he would only keep the non-stop stream going for a maximum of fifty days. While Pestily didn’t quite make it to his original 50-day goal, the 35-day effort still etched his spot in the history books.

The Twitch star was live for over 8,400 consecutive hours. On July 26 he appeared live in a cosplay of Dr Phil ⁠— one of his many subathon stretch goals.

Pestily cosplayed as popular day-time television host Dr Phil on July 26.Twitter: Pestily
Pestily cosplayed as popular day-time television host Dr Phil on July 26.

After hitting day 10 he fulfilled his first promise, to “train for and run a marathon”. Hitting Day 20 meant he had to film an IRL stream at a degustation restaurant, and now he’s clocked up thirty days he has to “take chat on a race car hot lap.”

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If he were to reach Day 40, the stakes would have been upped once against as Pestily pledged to complete a triathlon.

Upon hitting his 30-day milestone, the Twitch star said: “This is f**king nuts. In the last 30 days I’ve streamed 720 hours. How many gigabytes you reckon that is?”

The Australian also disabled his on-stream Twitch overlay after hitting seventh. According to Pestily, the subathon had “already been awesome” that he didn’t want to keep setting targets. He said: “We don’t need to force anything.”

Pestily’s subathon came to an end midway through Wednesday, August 4, a little under fifteen days early. Although there was still plenty of time left on the star’s subathon counter, the Aussie revealed he, unfortunately, “had to end things early” due to something in his personal life.

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“I’m sure the moderators are happy it’s over,” the Twith star joked as his subathon’s 35th day came to a close. “It’s been a journey… it’s been fun.”