Froste’s Twitch subathon hits 800 hours after massive donations pour in

Froste hits crazy subathon numbersTwitter/Froste

Former 100 Thieves star and popular Twitch streamer Froste had his charity subathon reach incredible highs after receiving massive donations that shattered his goal.

Twitch subathons have become quite popular this year, ever since Ludwig became the most subscribed streamer ever, breaking the record formerly held by Ninja.

Since then, many have tried their luck, with the simple premise being that a subscription or donation would add time to the stream’s duration. In Froste’s case, a tier 1 sub or $5 donation would add on an additional two minutes.

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It’s all for a good cause too, with donations going to Gamers Outreach, a non-profit organization that helps provide games to kids in hospitals.

Despite Froste being admittingly nervous and a bit stressed over his subathon, his fans came out in droves to support him with some even donating ridiculously large sums in the process.

The streamer was stunned multiple times already during his broadcast. First, he received a whopping $3,683 donation and then a $10,000 one only five minutes after.

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“Oh my God, the timer’s at f**king fifty!” Froste cried out. “Is that Mr Beast?”

If that wasn’t crazy enough, he received a $14,000 donation another five minutes later, much to the streamer’s complete utter shock. Keep in mind, this was all from the same donor, a viewer known as DerangedNative.

Amazingly, the madness was far from over. DerangedNative would follow this up by donating $16,000 and then an over-the-top $50K!

“My body is in complete shock,” Froste wrote, celebrating the massive donation that put his timer at over 800 hours.

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Basically, this means that the stream will be continuing for over 33 days at this point at least. It’s unclear if the streamer will be streaming the whole time or if he’ll end up capping it at a certain point if it becomes too much.

With such a massive amount of time left, we can’t wait to see how high his donations and stream counter will go.

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