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Pepsiman confuses civilians during bizarre IRL stream

Published: 28/Oct/2019 18:40 Updated: 28/Oct/2019 19:39

by Bill Cooney


Innocent bystanders got exposed to the full force of Pepsiman during one of the strangest IRL streams in recent memory.

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Pepsiman is the main character of the 1999 PlayStation game of the same name and in recent years he’s become a popular meme all his own.

The game is still a popular challenge for speedrunning, and the current record of 18 minutes 54 seconds held by Brazilian speedrunner Baldo.

Twitch streamer Eric Abroad, who streams while living and working in Japan, brought the character to life for an unsuspecting public.

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The world could always use more heroes

Eric soldiered on in the metallic silver and blue morph suit (complete with Pepsi logo) for almost an hour and a half. 


The material looked anything but comfortable and the streamer even chose to cover his mouth as well to pull off the full Pepsiman look.

During his time as Pepsiman he encountered people who ranged from perplexed to intrigued, and almost all of them took pictures of the strange man running around in a bodysuit.

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The streamer didn’t say a word during his completely in-character broadcast instead, he chose to communicate completely through text-to-speech on a phone attached to his wrist.

Some of the favorite phrases included variations of “Do you have a Pepsi?” or “F*ck Coca-Cola.”


He encountered several vending machines during his journey, but sadly there wasn’t a Pepsi anywhere to be found. Plenty of ice-cold Coke though.

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Even though he failed to find his soft drink of choice during the adventure, Eric ended up making over $300 in donations during his stream.

The largest donation was for $200 from one viewer who just requested that Pepsiman use the money to buy a Coke after his hard work.

Not bad for running around and disturbing/confusing people for an hour and a half, and plenty of money to buy whatever kind of drink you want.