People swarm top of car stalled in the street in disturbing viral video

Virginia Glaze
TikToker demands payment after crowd of strangers jump on friends car

A TikToker captured the jaw-dropping moment a crowd of strangers gathered around her friend’s car after it stalled in the middle of the street, with some jumping on the vehicle’s roof. Now, she’s demanding payment for the damages.

TikTok is home to all manner of viral videos, but one user’s two-minute clip is sparking outrage across the net.

TikTok user ‘Sachi’ claims that her friend’s car stalled out at 2 AM while he was attempting to find parking on the street in Atlanta, Georgia. Suddenly, a huge swath of strangers crowded the vehicle — but it’s what happened next that left Sachi seething.

The video shows several people standing on top of the car, leaving visible dents in its roof. Some people in the raucous crowd can be heard calling for the strangers to get off the vehicle, while another shouts at them to stop using a megaphone.

That’s not all; at one point, one of the bystanders was seemingly thrown on top of the car, creating a loud sound and resulting in even more dents on the roof.

Passenger demands payment after people jump on car stalled in street

Sachi uploaded footage of the incident to TikTok where she expressed how frightened she was by the whole ordeal and demanded payment for the damages caused to her buddy’s ride.

“This sh*t was so scary, and **** proceeded to laugh, like what?” she wrote in the video’s caption. “Someone needs to pay for my friend’s car damages, real sh*t. Dirty lame motherf*ckers stay wanting to be seen.”

Commenters weren’t too happy with the situation either, with some claiming they would have taken direct action if faced with such a situation.

“They don’t think it’s weird to want to damage somebody’s car on purpose?” one viewer wrote.

“Bye, ’cause I would have pushed on the gas,” another said. “That just made me mad.”

TikToker comments on crowd jumping on car viral video

In a comment, Sachi claimed that her friend had tried to drive away, but the crowd of people stopped him from fleeing the scene. In fact, Sachi claimed that they “did something to the engine with the hard jumps.”

That’s not all; the TikToker even seemed to confirm that police are looking for those responsible for damaging the vehicle, leaving a ray of hope in this scary situation.

This is far from the first time a huge crowd has drawn attention on TikTok; this latest incident follows a brawl in a parking lot where cops had to get involved, racking up millions of views on social media.

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