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Pat McAfee explains why he’s “scared” for Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

Published: 5/Jun/2021 13:20 Updated: 5/Jun/2021 13:21

by Connor Bennett


Former NFL star Pat McAfee says he’s worried for Logan Paul as he prepares to step in the ring with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather given that his sparring footage isn’t too inspiring.

While many boxing purists will toss out the ‘freakshow’ and ‘circus’ labels for Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, there are plenty of people who are gearing up to watch them square off.

The planned exhibition bout has attracted attention from all corners of the globe, and the internet, with many wild takes being thrown out there.

For many, the fight is a foregone conclusion and there’s no way that a YouTube star can defeat a 50-0 boxing legend. Others believe Logan has a puncher’s chance, and he just needs to land one sweet jab. However, Pat McAfee isn’t all that sure anymore.


YouTube/Logan Paul
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are due to fight on June 6

Speaking on the June 4th edition of The Pat McAfee show, the former Indianapolis Colts punter said that prior to the most recent look at Logan’s skills, he believed he had a chance, but not anymore.

“I love Logan. I saw one video of him on Instagram and I don’t know if Logan is sandbagging, but I saw one video that made me think that this guy doesn’t have a f**king shot,” Pat said, showing a video of Logan working the pads in training and being open to shots from his trainer.

“One little body shot and then right to the jaw. This scared me a little bit because as somebody who does Oculus boxing, this is literally why I’m trying to do to the robot at all times.”


The punter-turned media star noted further that if he was so open in sparring, it might be a “one-sided affair” for Floyd as he’ll be able to get whatever he wants in a fight setting.

Of course, it could well be the case that Logan is purposely putting some mistakes on film in a bid to lure Floyd into a trap, but the boxing icon will likely be ready for whatever is thrown his way.