Paddy Pimblett agrees to fight Logan Paul in UFC: “I’d snap his leg”

Paddy Pimblett agrees to fight logan paulInstagram/theufcbaddy/loganpaul

UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has accepted Logan Paul’s fight challenge even if it would mean gaining some significant weight to make it happen.

Logan Paul has made quite a name for himself in the combat sports world. In addition to boxing undefeated icon Floyd Mayweather and even winning his pro-wrestling debut at WrestleMania, the influencer still has more to prove.

The YouTuber has been looking to get involved in MMA for a while, with even UFC President Dana White open to having Logan compete in the organization.

After Logan called out Pimblett earlier this year, claiming he would “love” to fight the UFC upstart, the Brit has since accepted the challenge and is vowing to snap his leg or knock him out.

Paddy Pimblett fighting Logan Paul in UFCEA SPORTS/Instagram/theufcbaddy/loganpaul
A fight between Logan Paul and Paddy Pimblett could be in the making.

Paddy Pimblett promises to KO Logan Paul or snap his leg

During an interview with SecondsOut’s Jamal Niaz, Pimblett was asked about fighting Logan Paul and agreed to take him on.

“I’ve told you all, he knows who the boy is, he knows who the face of the UFC is now and it’s me. You know what I mean?” he said. “I don’t care what weight he wants to fight at. I’d fight him at 185. I’d probably get him down to 175 or something and I’d fight him at that but I’d fight him at 185.”

Despite the size difference, Paddy is confident he would not only win, but he would put the YouTuber in a whirl of pain.

“I’d snap his f**king leg or I’d knock him clean out!” the Liverpool upstart added.

However, the fighter appreciated that Logan would call him out and even praised him for “having balls” to issue the challenge to begin with and believes he would get along with the influencer in person.

We’ll have to see if and when the two actually end up duking it out, but with Paddy fighting Jordan Leavitt on July 23, we may need to wait a bit for a potential bout to get approved.