Jake Paul promises to “shut up” boxing critics with Tommy Fury fight

Jake Paul pointing to camera and talkingYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has promised to shut up his critics when he finally steps into the ring with Tommy Fury, claiming that there will be no way to criticize his boxing skills in the aftermath. 

Ever since Jake Paul first stepped into the professional boxing arena, plenty of critics have been urging him to fight a ‘real’ boxer instead of athletes and fighters from other backgrounds.

Jake was finally set to answer that call when he was first scheduled to fight Tommy Fury, but has been well documented, the youngest Fury brother pulled out of that fight due to injury. After Jake knocked out Tyron Woodley – who stepped in for Fury – he again promised to fight a real boxer in his next bout.

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While plenty of boxers have thrown their hat into the ring to fight Jake, the social media star is finally scheduled to fight Tommy on August 6, and he’s pretty certain the critics will have nothing to say after it’s all over.

Jake Paul wins vs woodleyAmanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul is currently 5-0 in his boxing career.

With Fury being the challenge of a ‘real’ boxer that many fans and critics have wanted to see Jake take on, the YouTuber-turned-boxer says he’s giving “the people what they want” with the fight.

“So here is a young kid, same age, same height, same reach, and with a better record than me,” Jake said, according to BoxingScene. “He’s been boxing his entire life, his brother is the heavyweight champion of the world. He has the name, he has the following. He has star power. It’s the perfect fight.”

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The fight, according to Jake, will be the end of all criticism of his currently undefeated record too. “When I win by knockout over Tommy Fury, people will have nothing left to say,” he added. “All the people, all the media who have doubted me and had things to say about me years ago ‘Oh Jake Paul is bad for boxing, I’m going to shut you all the f**k up. You will put respect on my name. You wanted a real boxer? No f**king problem.”

Instagram: Jake Paul / SHOWTIME PPV
Jake and Tommy will finally square off on August 6.

While Fury may not have massive names on his boxing record, he is undefeated, and has way more in-ring experience than Jake. And, as the YouTuber puts it, will be his toughest test to date.

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There will be plenty of interest in the fight, seeing as the pair have been feuding online for quite some time, but it’s too early to call either way.