Overtflow Reveals Why His Cameraman Was Removed from the KSI vs Logan Paul Weigh-Ins - Dexerto

Overtflow Reveals Why His Cameraman Was Removed from the KSI vs Logan Paul Weigh-Ins

Published: 29/Aug/2018 21:59 Updated: 29/Aug/2018 22:04

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and gamer ‘Overtflow’ has released footage revealing why his cameraman, ‘Molives TV,’ was escorted from the KSI vs Logan Paul weigh-ins.

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Overtflow was one of the sixteen YouTubers set to fight on the KSI vs Logan Paul fight card on August 25th, 2018. He proceeded to the weigh-in with fellow YouTuber Molives TV, who served as his videographer during the session.

However, Molives wasn’t in the venue for long. He was soon escorted out by security – with nary a word of explanation.

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In a video uploaded by Overtflow, Molives is seen being  approached by a security guard who asks him to come to a secluded area of the venue o have a conversation. Molives gets out of his seat to follow the guard and is ultimately barred from filming the weigh in, despite his protests.


“Are we good?

“No, we’re not. No, mate, you’re leaving.”

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The footage cuts to a later segment where Overtflow explains the situation to Molives. According to Overtflow, Molives was expunged from the venue to a diss track where he referenced Jake Paul.

In the diss track, Molives raps to Erika Costell, a YouTuber, singer, and Instagram model who is currently dating Jake Paul.

“Apparently people thought you were Erika Costell’s ex and they didn’t want you there.”

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Later in the video, Overtflow admitted that he didn’t know of Molive TV’s YouTube background, but rather knew him as a videographer looking to broaden his resume.

Although possessing a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Overtflow went on to lose his match against FaZe Sensei, getting knocked to the ground twice. While the two have a cordial relationship, it seems the same can’t be said for Molives TV and Jake Paul.