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Brendan Schaub Explains Why the UFC Can Learn from the KSI vs Logan Fight

Published: 29/Aug/2018 19:34 Updated: 29/Aug/2018 19:35

by Virginia Glaze


Comedian and mixed martial artist Brendan Schaub believes that the UFC should take notes from KSI and Logan Paul’s widely-streamed match.

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Brendan Schaub sat down on Showtime’s Below the Belt to discuss one of the most-streamed live events to date.

Brendan noted that many hard-core members of the fighting scene are critical of the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, critiquing their form, jabs, and footwork. However, Brendan feels differently about the match, considering its implications from a business-minded perspective.

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Brendan was floored at the YouTubers’ ability to bring in such a massive audience for their boxing match.


“I break it down from a business aspect, of how these two personalities from YouTube were able to capture an audience, establish a legit build-up to a fight, very similar to what the UFC and boxing does… to see what they were having to do with zero background and getting the magnitude of viewers and interest from their audience.”

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Brendan felt that the YouTubers’ ability to promote the match and gain such a wide audience brought the UFC to shame.

“For these two guys with zero background to shit on any UFC fight this year numbers-wise shows you how poorly of a job the UFC is doing at times and how easy it is to promote a fight.”

Brendan challenged those looking to hate on the match, holding that the event was no different than regular UFC grudge matches. He even cited similarities between CM Punk and Logan Paul, stating that Logan Paul had more of an athletic background that CM Punk himself in high school sports. He also speculated that the UFC might even look into Paul as a future athlete.

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The KSI vs Logan Paul event churned out over two million collective views, with over 800,000 eyes from YouTube’s pay-per-view channel and 1.2 million through Twitch. Now, the YouTube livestream has over 5 million views and counting.