KEEMSTAR Calls Out FouseyTube for Failing to Fulfil a Promise Made During ‘July 15th’ Documentary

. 4 years ago

In KEEMSTAR’s documentary, YouTuber ‘FouseyTube’ vowed that if he wasn’t on stage with rapper J. Cole at a recent concert, he would quit YouTube and the internet generally, and never be heard from again.

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Unsurprisingly, neither of these things happened. Fousey did attend J. Cole’s show, but he was in the crowd like everyone else – not backstage, and certainly not on stage making a speech, as promised.

If not familiar, popular YouTuber FouseyTube created an even called ‘Hate Dies, Love Arrives’, at which he claimed Drake would make an appearance (this too did not materialise), and the whole thing was shut down by police after a fake bomb threat was called in.

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As a result of the messy situation, Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, host of YouTube show ‘Drama Alert’, made a lengthy documentary, essentially exposing FouseyTube for misleading fans as to the purpose of the show.

It became clear that the whole event had been setup to promote a diss track Fousey was releasing, and Drake was certainly never going to make an appearance.

In Keem’s documentary, Fousey then said J. Cole was on his radar next:

“Next week I’m dropping one video and it’s a message to J. Cole, and if I am not on stage, on August 23rd or 24th, and before J. Cole comes out, I give the speech I intended to give on July 15th, OK?

If am not on that stage and he’s by my side, and I have my dog ‘dollar’ – because my dog dollar passed away this week last year, so I’m doing this for him to fulfil the dream I promised him – If I am not on that stage, I promise you, to walk away from YouTube, my whole acting career, me doing what I want to do in life. I’ll live in isolation, and no one will hear from me ever again.”

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Yet again, Fousey failed to deliver on his promise, although he was in fact at the show. He made a YouTube video titled ‘How I met J. Cole’, but he simply retold the story of how he met him years ago at a radio show.

KEEMSTAR then posted the above clip to Twitter, with the message: “Dear Fousey, you lied to the youth!”


FouseyTube hasn’t responded to KEEMSTAR yet, and we’re not going to hold our breath that he will. Instead, he has doubled down on his original plan, announcing his next event called ‘September 15th’.

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