OTK claim “cancel culture” is hurting new streamers

One True King members have claimed that cancel culture is hurting new and upcoming streamers in the ‘POGGERS’ community.

Twitch is a vastly different platform from what it once was. Over the years, we’ve seen many streamers have their rise and fall on the Amazon-owned platform.

For a while, one clique known as the ‘POGGERS’ group dominated the platform for the most part. Consisting of streamers such as xQc, and the majority of the OTK members, fans came to love and adore the laidback and ‘scuffed’ shows.

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However, in a recent live stream members of the group debated why up-and-coming streamers struggle to make their way into the community, and it apparently all comes down to cancel culture.

OTK members believe “cancel culture” ruins new streamers

During Nmp’s February 18 broadcast with Mizkif, Esfand, and his girlfriend Malena, they debated why the ‘POGGERS’ community has plateaued.

“This is the problem with the POGGERS community, we’re not getting any new blood, we got extraemily and we’ve already taken her!” Nmp claimed. “I know, I know, I agree man. I always say that,” Mizkif responded.

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However, according to Malena, the issue actually lies with ‘cancel culture’, and streamers being too afraid to host shows like they once did.

“No, she’s 100% right, it’s cancel culture stopping us,” Mizkif agreed. “People getting afraid that people on stream are going to cancel you and you’re gonna get banned. That’s stopped a lot of people from doing it.”

The group then further debated whether or not the content they used to make is actually suitable for the platform in today’s climate.

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Mizkif claimed it’d be “over for the streamer”s if they went back to creating the same content that they made years ago.

The ‘POGGERS’ community is reluctant to allow new and upcoming creators into their streaming clique. Meanwhile, other groups such as the W/L community, featuring streamers like Adin Ross and Kai Cenat are on the rise.