Orangutan goes viral for driving around while obeying road rules, but is it real?

Michael Gwilliam
orangutan drives around in car

An orangutan trained to drive around in a golf cart and other vehicles is going viral for his impressive ability to drive safely, but is the video even real?

Animals doing human things is always quite an interesting sight to behold and an orangutan successfully driving a golf cart without any issues is definitely no exception.

On July 30, a video was uploaded to X, formerly known as Twitter, showing a primate being quite the driver, being cautious and even slowing down at certain sections.

The clip spread like wildfire, amassing over 16M views in just a day, but in a world filled with AI videos, it’s hard to know what is real. So is this video of a real orangutan or is it faked?

Orangutan stuns viewers by driving golf cart better than some humans

As it turns out, the viral video is in fact real. Yes, orangutans can drive golf carts and pretty darn well judging by the clip.

Originally uploaded in 2021, the clip is of a primate named Rambo and she can drive a bit more than just a golf kart, being able to take control of a sports car, motorbike, and more.

The video was filmed in Dubai at the menagerie and posted to the YouTube channel ‘Anamalia,’ which aims to “showcase the Sheikha’s incredible wildlife homed in her beachside sanctuary by the iconic Burj Al Arab.”

In 2022, footage of Rambo driving blew up when it was featured on Stephen Colbert, but it seems like many have forgotten the segment considering how it only just went ultra viral yet again.

Even more impressive, it doesn’t seem like Rambo has lost her touch. Just two months ago, a new video was uploaded showing the orangutan driving around even more while maintaining full control of the vehicle.

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