Golden Retriever refuses to leave brewery in adorable viral video

Molly Byrne
Dog refuses to leave VT brewery.

After an afternoon at a brewery, a dog adorably refused to leave, causing their owner to pick them up after a long standoff. 

It was a wild afternoon for a golden retriever pup, as it lay on its back in the parking lot of Harpoon Brewery in Vermont.

Though the pup’s owner attempted several times to get them to move, the dog just couldn’t help but resist the urge for another round. 

The standoff resulted in an adorable video posted by TikToker patric.ryan22, which has received 4.6 million likes and nearly 50,000 comments.

TikToker said dog was “carried out like a drunk friend.”

It’s safe to say that the beer garden looked a little bit different on the afternoon that a very special golden retriever received the likes of onlookers as it lay dormant in front of their begging human.

Though the dog’s human was ready to leave, his dog had other plans. First, the pup lay on its back. Then the golden retriever saw kids playing and looked a bit more lively, leading its owner to tug on its leash in hopes of following the dog’s momentum. 

That, however, was not the case. The dog eventually had to be picked up, causing TikTok users to hilariously say how it looked as if the pup was “carried out like a drunk friend.”

Another TikTok user responded to the viral video, saying, “As a former golden owner this is such a mixture of emotions…you’re angry, you’re laughing, you’re embarrassed but it’s a core memory.”

While others chimed in, saying, “Tell me you have a Golden retriever without telling me you have a golden retriever.” And, “The walk of shame back to the car had me dying.”

The two eventually got on their way in the arms of each other, but the video will forever be an adorable viral moment for beloved dog fans.